What you should know about safety bollards and its uses


Safety Bollard Barriers, mostly composed of steel are very strong. They help keep away unwelcomed traffic of vehicles and also help safeguard sites. Safety bollard barriers can help keep pedestrians and the storefronts on the roadsides safe from a possible accident or vehicle damage. This happens by creating a stronger barrier than can withstand a huge impact so that the force is absorbed by the safety bollard. These barriers can prove to be useful in many ways! They can be placed to create a division between traffic lanes or in areas leading up to gas and water metres. They can also be placed in entryways of buildings or alongside, in warehouses – in front of shelving corners etc. Let’s take a look at some uses of safety bollards.

· Block traffic permanently

It’s very common for streets and parking lots to have a permanent separation from areas with traffic or vehicular access. There may be various areas that are connected with parking lots but needs to be protected from vehicles. There may be streets for bikers and walkers too. In-ground mounting of the Safety Bollards might not be an issue in such cases as the bollards can be permanently in place once it is installed. Certain storefronts choose to use large concrete planters as security bollards. It can be an ideal choice for situations where a permanent barrier is essential as heavy structures can be difficult to move from one place to the other.

· Temporarily block traffic

Many situations may arise where the traffic needs to be temporarily blocked. Certain cities allow traffic on to certain areas during the weekdays and the pedestrians during the weekends. Certain streets may open or close based on business hours just like office spaces. Retractable bollards can be helpful in such cases. They fit into sleeves on the ground. They might look like ordinary bollards but can be lowered down into the sleeves when traffic is allowed.

· Help spread awareness and messaging

Some bollards may not be sturdy enough to handle vehicle penetration as there are a number of bollards that just serve as a visual guideline where the traffic is not allowed to go. The traffic bollards are durable and lightweight and can be enhanced by adding reflective tape or traffic safety colouring. Such lightweight bollards can be found along bike lanes. Just like traffic bollards, media bollards can also be made of more lightweight materials which can be set up and removed easily. There is a broader surface that allows you to post signage. Such bollards are not strong but can serve as a warning for drivers about where they should or shouldn’t go.

· Multi-purpose Bollards

When an entire walkway or a path needs to be lined up with barriers, it is a known fact that safety bollard offers additional functionality. When the bollards have built-in lighting, it helps in increasing visibility and safety for pedestrians or cyclists without any need for outdoor lamp posts. A security bollard can easily be transformed into one that can accommodate bike locking. However, a simple bollard post cannot do this safely. Bike lock bollards can be positioned throughout a line of standard bollards so that bicyclists can have a safe place to lock their bikes. A simple circular loop present on a bollard can help people to safely park their bicycles.