The Importance of Public Insurance Adjusters

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While many homeowners are hesitant to hire a public insurance adjuster, the benefits outweigh the fees. Here are some reasons to consider a public insurance adjuster:


Hiring a public insurance adjuster is an excellent option for numerous reasons. First of all, public insurance adjusters are experts on insurance claims. They will understand the intricacies of insurance policies and guide you through the claims process. Public insurance adjusters can also help you process the paperwork and avoid miscommunication. Finally, they have years of experience and are certified by the state. It means you can rest easy knowing that the Public Insurance Adjusters Colorado are bringing your best interests to their job.

In addition to helping you understand your insurance policy, public adjusters can also document your losses and organize your claim. These services can save you time and energy that you would otherwise spend filing your claim. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on other priorities. After all, you don’t want to waste your valuable time on the claim process when you could get a higher settlement.

Public Insurance Adjusters

The second opinion 

If you have suffered a property damage claim, you should consider getting a second opinion from a public insurance claims adjuster. While it may be worth it to get a second opinion if the claim is not very large, it is essential if the damage is significant. While insurance adjusters, whether public or private, are hired by insurance companies, they still work in the company’s best interest. Their job is to limit the liability of insurance companies to the bare minimum. You should get a second opinion if you disagree with the adjuster’s assessment of your claim. Public insurance adjuster helps you get your claim approved and will work in your best interest.

If you feel that a public insurance adjuster has undercut your settlement offer, you should get a second opinion from a third party. Public adjusters are trained to identify costs that a homeowner may have overlooked. For instance, a homeowner may have underestimated the cost of a new roof while neglecting the cost of removing the old one. A public insurance adjuster will see these hidden costs and ensure the insurance company accurately represents them.


A public adjuster’s fees are typically between 5% and 20% of the settlement. This fee may be a flat rate, based on new money only, or negotiable depending on the situation. While public adjusters are not required by law to work for free, their fees can be high depending on the size of the claim or when the claim is settled early on. The following is a guide to public adjuster fees.

A public adjuster typically charges a percentage of the insurance payout. Fees can vary from state to state, but most adjusters charge between five and fifteen percent of the final settlement. In Florida, the fee cannot be more than 20% of a claim’s limit. In certain circumstances, like in an official state of emergency, the fee is even higher, at up to twenty percent. However, you should know that public adjusters can regress if their fee exceeds their compensation, so it’s important to negotiate this fee with your insurance company.