Excellent Combination of Tire Washing System and Technology from MobyDick


Wheel or tire washing system becomes something important in construction site. There are trucks and other big vehicles that should be cleaned well. Construction industries need to have the good washing system. It is not only to keep the vehicles clean, but it is also good to give proper maintenance for the vehicles. Moreover, it is effective to way to prevent any complaints from people that may use the roads since the soils or other kinds of dirt may pollute the road when the wheels of trucks are not cleaned properly. As the recommendation of good wheel washing system, MobyDick can become good options.

Good Wheel Washing Technology

There are some reasons of choosing the wheel washing system from MobyDick. One of them is its excellent technology. This is not just regular tire washing machine that will shoot water from nozzles to clean the wheels. MobyDick develops effective and efficient system that combines the calculation of water volume and pressure. This is effective to clean the wheels, but it does not require much water consumption during the process so it will not cause higher bills in power and water. In this case, MobyDick utilizes high water volume that comes from the provided tanks, and it uses the low pressure so it will not require much power to run the machine. Nozzles are designed well to provide enough power and prevent any clogging. Even, spray pattern of the water can be adjusted so later it can wash the wheels cleanly, even when the sludge and soils are quite tick on the wheels.

Water Recycling System

In addition to its good technology in controlling the water spray, MobyDick also develops water recycling system. This is another good system that will be useful to reduce the water consumption. In normal conditions, water may be wasted after the cleaning process. However, system from MobyDick is different. In this case, the water from the cleaning and washing process will be recycled. The process occurs on the provided tank. Thus, the water still can be reused after the recycling. By doing so, consumption of water can be reduced. This system uses the sedimentation process, and things are managed automatically by the system. Thus, it works effectively and efficiently.